Lisios WaterAlarm

The early-warning system for water leakages

WaterAlarm detects leakages

before they become a problem!

Water damage every 30 seconds!

In 2021, about 1.1 million reported water damages occured in German households. That’s one damage every 30 seconds.

Often with severe consequences...

Wasserschäden führen schnell zu gesundheitsschädlichem Schimmel

After a short time, ugly mould grows in the damp places and endangers the health of residents. 

Reparaturen nach Wasserschäden machen das Haus zeitweise unbewohnbar

Lengthy and expensive renovations make the home temporarily uninhabitable. Drying equipment often runs for weeks.

Wasserschäden zerstören liebgewonnene Erinnerungsstücke

In the worst case, personal belongings and cherished memories are lost forever.

39% of all households have experienced at least once a damage caused by mains water.

61% of all damage caused by micro leakages is discovered only after weeks or months. 

Repair costs are around 3,200 euros on average. But the insurance does not pay in every case.

Features of the WaterAlarms

Detection of pipe bursts & micor leakages

Your water pipes are constantly monitored. If damage is detected, you will immediately receive an alarm message on your smartphone.

Emergency contacts

Add contacts that will be automatically notified if a leakage is detected. For even faster help in case of a damage.

Sens AI

Our intelligent, self-learning algorithm ensures that the WaterAlarm works optimally in your household.

Frost warning

If water temperatures drop in the winter and there is a risk of frost, the WaterAlarm warns you before your pipes freeze.

Consumption monitoring

Always have full control over your water consumption at home. The WaterAlarm measures your consumption and helps you save water.

Easy installation

it just takes a few steps to install and set up the Lisios WaterAlarm – no tools and no professional installation service required.

Do you have questions about the WaterAlarm? Get in touch with us!