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Water damage is an enormous problem in Germany. Not only for homeowners, but also for insurers.



Reported claims in residential buildings



Average loss per incident


Billion Euros

Claim costs for German insurance industry

What are the most common causes of water damage?

  • 1. Installation and mounting errors

    Almost 40% of all pipe water damage is due to execution errors in the installation of pipelines or mounting of devices in the piping system. This is one reason why not only old buildings are affected by water damage. Damage can occur frequently, especially in the first few years after new construction or renovation.
  • 2. Operating conditions

    Pipelines and water-carrying devices are exposed to very different operating conditions throughout their lifetime, which can sooner or later lead to water damage. Overall, more than a quarter of all water damage is due to material fatigue or corrosion caused by "challenging" operating conditions.
  • 3. Product defects

    In 11% of all cases, the reason for water damage is the use of defective or low-quality pipes or other components of the piping system. Therefore, the saying applies to pipe installations as well: buy cheap, buy twice. But there is a big difference. Before you buy a second time, you must renovate your home first.
  • 4. Planning errors

    Good planning and properly executed installations are basic prerequisites for trouble-free operation and a long service life. Although only 1% of all water damage is due to planning errors, especially in times of a construction boom, full order books and corresponding time pressure can lead to mistakes in planning.
  • 5. Further causes

    In addition to the causes already mentioned, there are of course many other reasons that can lead to water damage. Be it deposits that clog the pipe, "drilling accidents" when hanging a wall shelf or mechanical stress on pipes or connections.

Water damage has been a burden on residential building insurers for years

More than 50% of all claims are caused by mains water

Rise in claims costs for more than 15 years

Many insurers do not make a profit on residential buildings

The benefits of the WaterAlarm are obvious

  • Easy DIY installation

    Professional installation by a plumber is not necessary. This eliminates the need for complex scheduling and installation costs.

  • Available online

    The WaterAlarm can be easily ordered online. A cumbersome distribution/purchase via plumbers is not necessary.

  • Artificial intelligence

    By using AI and machine learning, the WaterAlarm gets better with every installation and every home.

  • Cost-effective solution

    No subscription model, no ongoing costs. Hence, the WaterAlarm can easily and cost-effectively be bundled with a policy.

  • Huge potential for cost reduction

    Studies from the UK show a reduction in claim severity of up to 51% and in water damage claim costs of up to 70%.

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