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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lisios WaterAlarm is designed to work in single-family homes. Although we have started testing the WaterAlarm in larger buildings, eg.  two-family homes, apartment & office buildings, or hotels, we cannot guarantee that it works there as well. Hence, we do not recommend to get a WaterAlarm for any other building type than a single-family home.


However, we will also be launching a separate solution for apartment buildings next year. We therefore ask owners of apartment buildings and larger office or residential buildings for a little patience. If you are interested, simply contact us. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

The Lisios WaterAlarm basically works on all water pipes made of metal, such as steel, iron, copper or brass. We are also testing various plastic and composite pipes and the tests are promising, but at the moment we cannot guarantee full functionality of the Lisios WaterAlarm on plastic or composite materials.

Our Lisios WaterAlarm is only monitoring cold water pipe system, i.e. it doesn't detect leakages in the heating curcuit.

The WaterAlarm can be mounted on pipes with an outer diameter ranging from 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches, respectively from 10mm to 50mm. This means that it covers all common pipe diameters that are usually installed in single-family homes.

Installation is a piece of cake. The WaterAlarm is ideally installed shortly after the water meter. You just need a straight piece of pipe about 6 inches/15 cm long.


Place the device with the bottom side on the pipe, wrap the fastening tape around the pipe and the device and tighten it. Then connect the provided power cable to both the unit and the provided power adaptor. Finally, plug the power adaptor into a socket and you're done.

After you have attached the WaterAlarm and plugged it in, you can continue in the Lisios App. To do so, you need to download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store onto your smartphone.


Having installed the app, you have to create a user account in the app first. Then scan the QR code on the device so that we can link the WaterAlarm to your user account. Afterwards connect the device to your local wifi via the app and the WaterAlarm is ready for use. In total, the installation and setup of the WaterAlarm should take 3-5 minutes max.

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